The mission of the foundation is to inspire the community that anyone can make a difference to make the world a better place to live in.

The name of the foundation is based upon a natural universal thought . The more people are giving love, the more the positive energy increases. (according to Einsteins E=mc2). Positive thoughts contribute to world peace. 

The foundation vision is a community in which humans peacefully and respectfully live regardeless their beliefs, religions, culture, race and sex. The target group for the foundation is youngsters with problems e.g homeless, behaviour, refugees ,no safe place to stay. These youngster deserve an opportunity in our society. Also the foundation integrates the different religions, and cultures in one multicultural house. The foundation gives an example to us all, agression and fear deminish and respect and peace ingrease.

NUT support youngsters to give insight in themselves and others to work and live in close harmony with each others. The foundation uses projects to reach these insights. 

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